Horizon Resource Management Ltd.:
providing Engineering services and Wellsite Supervision for Drilling, Completions, Construction and Safety operations.

Our services include:

  • Engineering / Project Management for Drilling, Completions and Well Optimization,
  • Supervision on Drilling, Completions, Construction and Safety.

This allows for asset owners to fully or partly outsource the preparation, implementation and management of its Capital programs. All of our personnel are carefully selected, screened, trained and monitored to ensure consistent, safe, cost effective and efficient execution of each client’s work plan.

Horizon's Model:

We incorporate a close working relationship with client’s Engineering and Geological staff. It is our belief that formal and information reviews and steering are necessary as the project progresses. More specifically, we foresee:

  • Milestones and/or time-based reporting and steers.
  • Peer reviews and audits by the client's staff.
  • Mandatory reviews by the client.
  • Statutory reviews by government agencies.

As needs change during the project, we evaluate and offer services that will assist with achieving and exceeding our client’s new goals. We begin by determining your needs through working directly with your Engineering staff, discussing area and well specifics, from here, we will provide detailed proposals. Throughout the process we maintain continuous and open communications with you so that we can accurately align our work and reports to your goals and objectives. Our team then delivers a first-rate presentation and assessment of the final results. Let Horizon use its multi-disciplined and experienced team for these tasks.

  • Horizon's Engineering services revolves around sound Drilling, Completion, Stimulation and Production Engineering practices. We are experienced to tackle your field exploration and development issues from heavy oil to tight gas and from conventional to non-conventional (CBM) resources.
  • Through our expertise, you will increase your profitability while reducing your costs. Horizon's reliability, coupled with innovativeness ensures that we provide the right people, at the right place in an efficient time - finding you appropriate, and accurate solutions.
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